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Calculating the Cost of a Metal Roof

When comparing the price of an asphalt roof to the price of a metal roof, what really is the best deal for the average homeowner? Why would you care? “When my roof needs to be replaced, I’ll just call my local roofing contractor to come in and replace it. Asphalt shingles are okay. The last… ( read more )

Reduce your Carbon Footprint, Install a Metal Roof on your Home

Gain a better understanding about the environmental impact and energy efficiency advantages of aluminum metal roofing. Reducing your carbon footprint is something everyone can do. Homeowners can make a huge impact by adding an energy star-rated aluminum metal roof.  

White is the New Green in Metal Roofing

White roofs have become the rage in metal roofing over the last year. Is there a new awareness in the environmental impact and energy efficiency of these highly reflective gems? click on this link below or paste it into your browser