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“The Competition” vs. Classic Metal Roofs (Part 3)

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So you have decided on an aluminum metal roof for your home. You have made a great decision. The next question you might want to ask yourself is who is going to install my new roof? Is the company I purchased my roof from installing it with their own employees, or is some other company, maybe a subcontractor, going to do the installation? You might ask, what is the big deal if a subcontractor is going to be installing my new metal roof?

“The Competition” vs. Classic Metal Roofs (Part 2)

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The sales/consultation process: How the contractors approach you, the homeowner, is a very important step. This interaction between you and the company representative is an indication of the way the company operates and how it treats its clients.

“The Competition” vs. Classic Metal Roofs

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Over the past several years, aluminum metal roofing has gained extraordinary popularity among homeowners. We are going to do a comparison study between competitor metal roofing companies and our company, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC …

Classic Metal Roofs Garners National Recognition

Earlier this month, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC was honored with the 2016 Superstar Award by our metal roofing supplier, Classic Metal Roofing Systems. This award is given to only a few roofing contractors across North America who exemplify superior customer service and quality.

Water leaked into our home as the ice dams melted.

Dear Classic Metal Roofs: My husband and I purchased our first home in 2004. The shingle roof on the house was replaced in the spring of 2005. Although it was structurally sound, we had an ongoing problem. The heating/central air unit, which creates its own heat, is located in the attic. This heat would rise… ( read more )