Accent Roofs for Your New England Home

Accent roofs are plentiful in New England home architecture. They add beauty, interest, and protection under a small frame. Unfortunately, these roofs can be hard to source and even harder to maintain. 

Every year, we put 100’s of durable accent roofs to work protecting beautiful homes, just like yours. We can protect your home, too.

4 Ways to put a Classic Accent Roof to Work for Your Home

  1. Windows
    Bay windows and box windows are susceptible to leaks. Those leaks are usually not due to window quality but to the quality of the roofing materials and installation intended to protect it. All of our accent roofs manage water and snowmelt and are installed to be leak-free.
  2. Entranceways
    Visitors are welcome. Leaks are not. A Classic Accent Roof for farmhouse porches, wrap-around porches, and porticos protects your visitors and home from the elements in all seasons.
  3. Architectural Features
    Cupolas, Eyebrow, and Apron Roofs are small spaces projecting outsized charm and curb appeal. Adding beautiful copper or aluminum roofing enhances these treasured features.
  4. Home Additions
    Often when it’s time to add-on to your home, it’s a challenge to match the existing roof. Instead of re-roofing the entire structure, consider adding a metal accent roof to bring cohesiveness to the exterior of your home, increase curb appeal, and protect your new investment.

Our wide array of quality metal roofing styles and colors to match your home’s architecture and complement special features is readily available—all with strength and beauty.

  • Durable: will not leak, rust, or fade
  • Strong: Concealed fasteners and inter-locking panels stand up to wind, rain, and snow
  • Beautiful: In copper, Classic standing seam, or textured and colored panels
  • Manages Snow: We install right-sized snow management systems on accent roofs
  • Green: Manufactured from recycled metals, Classic Accent Roofs are designed to be recycled after a long life, not destined for a landfill
  • Built and Installed to Last: American made materials with unmatched warranties

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