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Metal Accent Roofing in MA, CT, NH, and RI

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Whether you have a house with a metal roof or not, metal accent roofing can take your home’s curb appeal to the next level. Metal accent roofs provide the smaller and more vulnerable sections of your roof with added protection. At the same time, they enhance the curb appeal of your home. Classic Metal Roofs has been installing metal accent roofing in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island for over 20 years. Our industry-leading roofing company will help you find and install the proper accent roofing for your home. Learn more about our accent roofing services.

What Is a Metal Accent Roof?

Accent roofing is a design choice made by many stylish homeowners who want to give their roofing an elevated appearance. Accent roofing is typically done on small sections of a roof, such as patios or bay windows. Metal is commonly used for accent roofing, whether on a house with a metal roof or not. This is because of the affordability and ease of installation. On top of that, metal affords homeowners a wide range of color, texture, and style options for their accent roofing.

Common Places to Install Accent Roofing

While any small section of a roof can be considered an accent roof, there are some common places Classic Metal Roofs sees homeowners installing metal accent roofing. Some of the most popular places to install metal accent roofing include:

Porches/Patios: Porches and patios are often easily seen, and as a result, many homeowners choose to upgrade them with metal accent roofing that makes that section of their home stand out.• Entryways: Sections of the roof that overhang doors can be made more welcoming with the addition of a chic new metal accent roof. • Windows: Windows, especially bay windows, will often have their own roof. These small areas are ideal for accent roofing.• Architectural Features: Any unique architectural features that include a section of roof separate from the main roof can be coordinated with the rest of the roofing’s color, texture, and style.

Accent Roofing With Style

When you add a metal accent roof to your home, you can select almost any type of metal roofing, which means you have many options. Some homeowners like copper roofing for their accent roofs because of the unique sparkle that draws the eye. Other homeowners prefer to use standing seam metal roofing for their accent roofs. When you first meet with our team, we can show you your options and give you recommendations.

The Benefits of Metal Roof Accents

Adding metal accent roofing to sections of your home’s roof has many benefits. While it adds a stylish appeal to your home that makes it unique and increases its curb appeal, there are also functional benefits to metal roofing. Some of the benefits of metal roof accents include:

• Won’t leak, rust, or fade• Interlocking panels add protection against wind, rain, and snow• Many choices of style, color, and texture • Manages snow buildup• Made from recycled materials• Expert installation and reliable warranties

We Make Installation Look Easy

Even though accent roofs may be small, Classic Metal Roofs approaches their installation with the same care and attention to detail as any other roofing project. Our team of highly skilled roofers will ensure that the materials fit firmly in place, and we often custom-cut the metals to fit your particular accent roof.

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At Classic Metal Roofs, we want you to feel comfortable with every step of your accent roofing project. That is why we offer free estimates for metal accent roofing services. A member of our team will meet with you to discuss your options and develop a plan for installing the best type of metal accent roofing for your home. Then, we will give you a detailed estimate for the project. Contact us today to get your free accent roofing estimate.

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