Oxford Slate Metal Roofing Shingles

Slate Shingles

Our team here at Classic Metal Roofs provides you with beautiful and durable aluminum shingles that look like traditional slate shingles. While they look similar, that’s where the similarity ends. Our slate shingles truly reflect New England. With various colors and slate rock styles, these Oxford slate shingles easily match various architectural styles in the region. Our high-quality Oxford Slate interlocking panels are low-weight, low maintenance, and last a lifetime.

Benefits of Oxford Slate Shingles

These copy-cat slate shingles are specifically designed to have the sleek look of slate roofing with all the incredible benefits of metal roofing. Slate shingles are the perfect option for someone who wants to maintain their home’s modern style while reaping benefits from metal roofing such as lasting a lifetime. When you invest in metal roofing, that will be the only roof you ever need to invest in. More of the incredible benefits of slate shingles include:

  • Durable: stands up to our New England climate and remains fade resistant
  • Strong: 4-way interlocking panels for wind resistance and protection
  • Beautiful: the colors and textures of fine slate roofing without the disadvantages
  • Manages Snow: sheds snow and ice with metal retention systems available
  • Green: solar-ready and made from 99% recycled aluminum
  • Built and Installed to Last: American-made with unmatched warranties

Oxford Shingle Colors

Oxford shingles come in all manner of colors and textures; just as traditional composite slate shingles do. You have many options including the following:

Slate Shingles – Slate Rock Colors

We offer slate rock colors on our Oxford slate shingles to provide another dimension and use for these shingles that come in black, red, buckskin, caramel, copper penny, deep charcoal, forest green, mustang brown, shake gray, terra red, white, and Vermont slate.

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From the start of your project to the installation and beyond, our team of metal roofing contractors provides a great roofing experience. Our terrific installation warranty comes with the best transferable manufacturer’s warranty in the roofing industry for protection that lasts for decades.

Our Classic Metal Roofs team is local and family-owned, and we’ve been serving New England for over 20 years. Over this time, we have helped 3,000 New England homeowners, and we can help you too. Schedule your free consultation today.

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15 years after installing my Oxford Slate roof, it still looks brand new. Last year I added solar panels and skylights with no problems. My Classic roof keeps getting better with age!

Nancy S. – Providence, RI

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Don’t just get a roof. Get An Oxford Slate Metal Roof.

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Local and family-owned for over 20 years, we’ve helped over 3000 New England homeowners. We can help you, too. Schedule your free consultation today.

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