Snow Retention Systems

A snow brake and snow retention system retains the snow on a roof. A properly engineered and installed system allows the snow to evaporate and thaw rather than slide off in a dangerous and sudden rooftop avalanche.

That’s why snow retention on a metal roof is a must here in New England. 

We install snow brake and snow retentions systems on metal roofs and have solutions for every design and budget challenge. We’re all about protecting your home and family, and snow retention can be a big part of that.

Avoid an Avalanche with Classic Snow Retention

We include snow retention with most of the new metal roofs we install. However, If you need to replace or add snow retention to your existing metal roof, don’t wait for the first snow of the year.

We’ll guide you in choosing the very best system, any time of the year. With new installations and retrofits to your metal roof, S5 ColorGard®  perfect color and finish-match lasts the life of the roof.   S5 DualGard® provides snow management for complex roofs with dependability and long life. 

Get the quality system and installation that delivers protection and curb appeal for the life of your metal roof.


  • Strong enough to manage the heave snows of New England with mechanical, not chemical adhesion.
  • Our fastening systems do not harm the roof and ensure a strong, weathertight connection.


  • Designed and engineered specifically for your roof.
  • Compatible with the long life of your metal roof.
  • Made of quality metals, our snow retention products are non-corrosive and will not rust.
  • Long-life means long-term cost-effectiveness.


  • Not detracting from the architectural beauty and curb appeal of your home, our systems are custom designed and sized to complement your roof.


  • Our highly functional and expertly installed snow retention systems prevent gutter damage, property damage, and the people on the ground below.