Metal Roof Snow Guards in MA, CT, NH, and RI

Classic Metal Roofs’ Snow Retention Systems

Many homeowners overlook the dangers of snow falling off their roofs. Snow may look light and fluffy, but it can become as heavy as 20 pounds per cubic foot when it accumulates. When large sheets of snow and ice suddenly fall at once, it can cause serious damage to people and property. Installing a metal roof ice guard or snow guard can protect you from the problem entirely. Classic Metal Roofs has decades of experience installing snow guards for metal roofs in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Learn more about installing a snow retention system for your metal roof.

Preventing Ice Dams with Metal Roof Snow Guards

Another significant advantage of metal roof snow guards/snow brakes is the prevention of ice dams. Ice dams can occur when heat from inside your home warms the snow on the roof, causing it to melt and slide down. As it nears your gutters, where the temperature is lower, it can freeze, causing a ridge of ice. As more snow melts and flows down, it can get trapped behind this ridge, resulting in a dam. The backed-up water can seep into your home, causing significant damage. Metal roof snow retention systems effectively reduce the chance of ice dams forming, preventing potential damage and costly repairs. These ice dam prevention products give you a line of defense against New England’s harsh winter conditions.

Snow guards/snow brakes are essential accessories for metal roofs, especially in regions with heavy snowfall. We offer snow retention in various styles, catering to all our metal roof designs. To ensure optimal performance and appearance, our team will work closely with you to find the perfect solution based on your roof’s pitch, the geographic location of your home, and your aesthetic preference.

There are three main types of snow retention systems: snow Guards/snow brakes, bar-style, and fence-style systems. All three are designed to serve the same purpose – retain snow on the roof to protect people and property – but each type has its unique application.

What Are Roof Snow Guards or Snow Breaks?Snow breaks on a metal shingle roof

These are individual units attached in a pattern on the roof. This type of snow retention is recommended for metal shingle roofs, not standing seams. They come in different shapes, sizes, base metals, and finishes. The number of units that need to be installed is based on the size and pitch of the roof and the location of the home as it is related to snowfall. Our recommendation is an actual slate snow brake product that we have been successfully installing for over 20 years with zero failures.

What do I Need for a Standing Seam Roof?

When thick sheets of snow or ice fall onto your roof, it may look picturesque, but it poses a significant risk to the people and things surrounding your home. Falling sheets of snow or ice can cause injury and damage vehicles. When snow bars are installed, the snow is kept on your roof until it melts. This also prevents oversized piles of snow that can smother flowerbeds, block entryways, and create more shoveling for you.

A bar-style snow retention system for standing seam metal roofs

Bar-Style Snow Fence:

This type of snow guard consists of a rectangular metal bar running across the roof to form a snow and ice barrier. They provide a clean look, and typically, one row is sufficient, although more may be necessary depending on the roof pitch, distance from eave to peak, and the snow load.


A pipe-style snow fence for standing seam roofs.

Pipe-Style Snow Fence:

These are similar to bar-style guards but feature two or more vertical. Tubes or pipes are like a split rail fence. These are a popular choice, although pricier.


Installing Metal Roofs With Snow Retention Systems

The best time to install metal roof snow rails is when you are installing your roof. By installing your roof with snow guards, you can ensure that the materials match in color and age at the same rate. For instance, if you are installing a new standing seam metal roof, Classic Metal Roofs can install matching snow guards for your standing seam metal roof at the same time. With both bar-style and pipe-style snow fence systems, it may be wise to add ice and snow clips over egress or areas where people are walking to prevent ice and snow from sliding under the fence.

Don’t forget that we are the only roofing company in the area that also includes gutters with all metal roofing installations.

Retrofit Metal Roofs for Snow Guards

If your metal roofing has already been installed, but you now realize you need a snow guard, we can help retrofit a snow retention system to your existing roof. Our team uses top-of-the-line S5 DualGard® snow retention systems. These use a zero-penetration clamping system, which is vital because it will keep your warranty and seal coating intact. If you notice that your roof sheds ice or snow in thick sheets as it’s melting, don’t wait for an accident to occur. Retrofit a metal roof snow guard to your home.

The Benefits of Installing Snow Retention Systems

Our snow guards offer many benefits to your home during the harsh winter weather we see here in New England. We can install snow guards on any metal roof, and you will be able to enjoy the same benefits. Some of the benefits of installing snow guards for a metal roof include:

• Strength: Our snow retention systems are strong enough to manage the heaviest snowfalls, while our fastening system does not harm your metal roofing.
• Functionality: Our snow bars are made from the highest quality, non-corrosive materials and designed to last a lifetime.
• Aesthetics: Our metal roof snow guards are designed to match the color and architectural flow of your home, not detracting from the beauty of your metal roof.
• Safety: Installing snow guards is the only way to prevent the danger of ice and snow falling from your roof.

Serving New England for More Than 20 Years

Classic Metal Roofs is proud to have served New England homeowners for over 20 years. As a family-owned business, we know that personal relationships matter. That’s why we have expanded our services to serve four different states. The areas we serve include:

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