Case Studies

Ever wonder what kinds of problems the right roof can solve? We know that’s probably not on the top of your “curiosity list”, but it can be helpful to experience the stories of others who have had roofing problems uniquely solved.

In the 20+ years Classic Metal Roofs LLC has been serving homeowners in southern New England, we’ve collected some stories to tell about roofing. We hope you’ll catch a glimpse of the roofing solution you need, or simply the desire to learn more about our sustainable, lifetime, roofing solutions.

  • Metal Roof Solar Panels Farmington, CT

    The product is Classic’s Rustic Shake. The total area of metal roofing is 8,500 square feet, installed over one layer of asphalt shingles, with an additional 500 square feet of PVC membrane on 4 small flat roofs. The roof is being installed in conjunction with approximately 80 photovoltaic solar panels. It is one of the largest residential photovoltaic solar/metal roof installations in Connecticut. Learn more about Metal Roof Solar Panels Farmington, CT.

  • Oxford Slate Metal Roof: Billerica, Massachusetts

    A 300-year-old antique 2-story Center Chimney Colonial had a roof deck in poor condition. The roof needed to be stripped and the deck needed to be re-sheathed with plywood. The customer decided on an Energy Star rated Oxford Slate aluminum metal roof for their house. Learn more about Oxford Slate Metal Roof: Billerica, Massachusetts.

  • New Metal Roof for Sudbury, MA Homeowners

    The challenge here was to add insulation and ventilation to a roof that had neither. The pitch on this roof is 3/12 – low by New England standards. The existing roof was asphalt shingles, about 15 years old, and was giving the homeowners a lot of trouble: ice dams in the winter and multiple leaks during heavy wind-driven rainstorms. Learn more about New Metal Roof for Sudbury, MA Homeowners.

  • A Metal Roofing Steeple in West Acton, Massachusetts

    The steeple that towers over the village of West Acton has been a bit of an eyesore for many years. Our involvement in this project is only part of the restoration of the entire building. The decision to clad the steeple in white Kynar-coated aluminum came after many hours of debate. A copper covering was the first choice, but it was decided that the associated cost was too high. Settling for the less expensive aluminum was still a great choice. We think you will agree when you see the finished project. Learn more about A Metal Roofing Steeple in West Acton, Massachusetts.

  • Copper Roof Copula Concord MA

    This is a new construction project. The cupola was built on-site in historic Concord. It was then transferred to the shop for the copper to be clad to the roof. A design change was made along the way: The original intention to add a weather vane to the top of the cupola was changed to fitting the top with a simple point. Learn more about Copper Roof Copula Concord MA.

  • Standing Seam Solution for Greenwich CT Homeowners

    Re-roof with a premium aluminum standing seam metal roof. This is a contemporary style house with low sloped roofs of about 3/12 pitch. The house is about 10,000 square feet with a very complex roofline. The existing roof was asphalt. The roof was stripped off and properly disposed of. Then the preparation begins with the high temp Ice and Water and synthetic underlayment. Learn more about Standing Seam Solution for Greenwich CT Homeowners.

  • An Unusual Repair Using Classic Methods in Hadley, MA

    After the house’s garage roof and part of the main house’s roof were destroyed in an accident, the owner decided to re-roof the whole house. The old metal roof was removed, and replaced with a premium aluminum Oxford Slate metal shingle roof from Classic Metal Roofs. Learn more about An Unusual Repair Using Classic Methods in Hadley, MA.