Copper Roof Copula Concord MA

For this new construction project, the cupola was built on-site in historic Concord, Massachusetts. It was then transferred to the shop for the copper to be clad to the roof. A design change was made along the way: The original intention to add a weather vane to the top of the cupola was changed to fitting the top with a simple point.

Cupola Fabrication Project image 1 Transporting it to the shop, where we can fabricate curved copper panels and clad the cupola.
Cupola Fabrication Project image 2 Inside the shop.
Cupola Fabrication Project image 3 You can see that the builder had some trouble bringing the seam of the plywood together on the hips.
The sheet metal Cupola Fabrication warehouse at Stow, MA We fabricated sheet metal to form the hips to give us a solid base for the copper hips.
The worker fixing the metal roof in factory at Stow, MA We then covered the structure with high temp ice and water shield.
The man doing Cupola Fabrication Project at Stow, MA Installation of the slip sheet to complete the underlayments.
Cupola Fabrication Project image 7 Beginning the fabrication and installation of the copper panels.
The classic metal roofing worker using metal cutter at Stow, MA Working the seams.
Cupola Fabrication Project image 9 Almost complete.
The worker making Cupola Fabrication in factory at Stow, MA Finishing up the panels and seams. Note the gloves being worn so as not to leave oxidation marks on the finished product.
The finished metal roof in warehouse at Stow, MA Ready for transportation to the site.
Copper Roof Cupola Classic Metal Roofs LLCFabrication Project image 11 Cupola installed and in place, with a top point added. Another happy client!

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