When Should You Replace the Roof on a Rental Property?

After the foundation, your rental property’s roof is the second most important structure in the building. Although most landlords don’t give as much time to the roof as they give the other parts of their building, the roof plays a more critical role than those other features, says Keyrenter Merrimack Valley. Roofs serve as a… ( read more )

Is Your Home Ready for Summer’s Biggest Threats?

Wildfires, hurricanes, and extreme heat: Depending on your location, it’s time to get your home prepared for this season’s most extreme weather. To ensure the ultimate protection, you may be surprised to learn that today’s quality metal roofs not only deliver beautiful architectural style and low maintenance curb appeal, they also offer much better protection… ( read more )

Does a Metal Roof Need a Moisture Barrier?

Does a Metal Roof Need a Moisture Barrier in New Hampshire

When it rains, it pours. But during a rainstorm, we don’t often worry about how it’s affecting our roof until we see signs of a leak. Nevertheless, moisture can be a significant threat to the condition of your metal roof, whether it comes from a storm or everyday condensation. But worry not—Classic Metal Roofs is… ( read more )

Installing the Correct Underlayment for your Metal Roof Project

rustic metal shingle roof in mustange brown in MA, CT, HN or RI

Selecting the right underlayments for a lifetime metal roof should be a primary concern for anyone thinking about specifying or choosing to install a metal roof on their home. The quality and type of underlayments used on the project in the long term will affect the overall performance of the roof.

DIY Metal Roofs and Why to Avoid Them

Zinc Roofing from Classic Metal Roofs in MA, CT, NH & RI

Metal roofs are incredibly popular, especially in CT, MA, RI, & NH. They are known for their durability and long lifespan. They are also known as one of the most difficult roofs to install, which is why specialty metal roofing contractors are recommended for your next project. Despite this, many homeowners, regular roofers, and even… ( read more )