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Alternative Energy Curriculum Blowing Students Away in New Haven

Students at New Haven’s Endeavour Middle School are being blown away by the school’s new alternative energy curriculum. The school’s new 60-foot tall wind turbine … is also being blown away but in a bit more literal way. The wind turbine was installed at the school to help the students get hands-on with the wind… ( read more )

The Alternative Energy Fallacy

Alternative energy investments often make sense for an individual homeowner; however, well-known investor advisory service “The Motley Fool” explains that the idea that widespread deployments of wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles will slash hydrocarbon consumption and give us a greener planet is flawed. These technologies are heavy users of industrial metals. Any significant… ( read more )

Alternative energy blowing in the wind

WASHINGTON — Louisiana’s third-oldest settlement could become the state’s first to have a wind turbine, bringing it closer to energy independence and ahead of a nationwide call for increased use of renewable resources.