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Zinc Roofing

A natural weathering earth tone, our zinc roofing has all of the advantages of copper, with added benefits. From a matte gray finish at installation, the blue-gray patina changes with age for an old-world appeal. With a low environmental impact, this roofing material can last over a hundred years, and then some.

Zinc is a naturally soft, malleable material, easily shaped to incorporate curves and other forms while maintaining its natural strength.

  • Durable: Naturally resistant to hail, mold, mildew, insects, and fire
  • Strong: Proper installation provides wind resistance and protection
  • Beautiful: Aging enhances this natural roofing material’s matte finish
  • Manages snow: Sheds snow and ice with metal retention systems available
  • Built and Installed to Last: Specially coated copper, this roof will last over 100 years

Considered a “living material,” zinc forms a protective outer layer called the ‘patina’ that self-corrects from scratches. Extremely durable, zinc roofing has been used in Europe for more than 300 years. We partner with Rheinzink and Revere, trusted brands from the old world and the new, to bring durable zinc roofing to southern New England homes.

One of the most sustainable roofs available, your investment in a Classic Zinc Roof supports the environment in many ways.

How is a Classic Zinc Roof Sustainable?

  1. A natural element coating covers copper sheeting made from at least 75% recycled materials.
  2. A Classic Zinc Roof is completely recyclable.
  3. Low mining cost and copper base mean it carries a low energy need for manufacturing.
  4. It’s not painted and doesn’t need to be.
  5. The lightweight nature of the metal not only reduces transportation costs but reduces stress on the structure of your home.
  6. Zinc roofing has a low lifecycle cost due to low maintenance, long life, and salvage value of the metal.

From the start of your project to the installation and beyond, our team of copper roofing professionals provides a great roofing experience.

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From start to finish, every team member was professional and courteous. Job expertly and well done. We absolutely recommend Classic Metal Roofs. We love our new roof, and our neighbors are full of compliments.

Bob and Doreen H., Boston, MA

Don’t just get a roof. Get a Classic Zinc Roof.

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