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Enhance Your New England Property with a Sustainable, Energy Efficient, Flat Roof System. 

In New England, architectural trends continually evolve and change. One trend we’ve noticed at Classic Metal Roofs is the installation of flat roofs. The attractiveness of these roofs lies in their sustainability, resilience, usability, and unique aesthetics. Flat roofs carry a unique set of characteristics and challenges that require specialized solutions and expertise. At Classic Metal Roofs, we understand the intricacies of flat roofing systems and offer state-of-the-art materials and installation services that live up to the expectations of durability, safety, and aesthetics.

What Is a Flat Roof?

A flat roof is a type of roof that has little to no slope or pitch. Unlike traditional sloped roofs, which have a noticeable angle to allow water to run off. Contrary to common belief, flat roofs are not usually entirely flat. They have a slight slope that helps drain water, typically less than 10 degrees. However, if no pitch is present, no worries, we can add one!

What Are the Benefits of a Flat Roof?

Our 60-mil single ply pvc membrane roofing system is a high-quality, durable option for flat or slightly sloped roofs. It’s made from PVC, which helps protect against weather and UV rays. This type of roofing is lightweight and flexible, making it suitable for various buildings without adding extra weight. Its seams are heat-sealed to prevent leaks, offering a reliable and low-maintenance roofing solution. The benefits of a flat roof don’t stop there. Other benefits include:

  • Durability – Our single-ply membrane is robust and designed to remain waterproof throughout the service life of your roof.
  • Safety – Our roofing materials are non-flammable and non-combustible, providing peace of mind regarding fire safety.
  • Aesthetic Versatility – available in white or gray, our flat roofing systems offer reflective properties that can decrease energy costs when white is used.
  • Water Management – The uniquely formulated PVC membranes are proficient in withstanding ponding water, unlike EPDM/rubber roofs, assuring water is properly routed and managed.
  • Quality InstallationEach Classic Metal Roof is warranted and installed with precision, ensuring the most leak-free solution for your roofing needs. No glues are used, which eventually fails. Our roofs are installed with a mechanical system with screws and plates. The PVC material is welded together to provide a monolithic membrane!

Explore the Potential of a Flat Roof

The potential of flat roofs extends far beyond their traditional use, providing homeowners with innovative options that transform these areas into functional, valuable spaces. These inventive applications boost the functionality and worth of your property but also maximize the use of available space. By reimagining the potential of your flat roof, you can create unique, sustainable, and enjoyable spaces that elevate your living experience. Here are some of the creative ways you can use your flat roof:

  • Rooftop Gardens – Transform your flat roof into a green space oasis. This not only beautifies your home but also contributes to better air quality and insulation. Imagine a lush garden where you can grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers, creating a serene retreat in the heart of the city.
  • Entertainment Areas – Design inviting outdoor entertainment spaces on your flat roof. These areas can be equipped with barbecue grills, comfortable seating, and even rooftop pools. They’re the perfect spot for hosting family gatherings, parties, or simply enjoying quiet evenings under the stars.
  • Solar Panels – Installing solar panels on flat roofs is an excellent way to harness renewable energy, reduce electricity bills, and contribute to a healthier environment. The expansive, unobstructed space on flat roofs makes them ideal for solar installations, turning them into power generators for your home.
  • Green Roofs – Beyond simple rooftop gardens, entire green roofs involve covering your flat roof with vegetation and soil. This living roof system can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, manage rainwater runoff, and provide a habitat for urban wildlife.
  • HVAC and Refrigeration Units – Mounting HVAC and refrigeration units on flat roofs is practical and efficient. It saves space inside, avoids eyesores, and makes maintenance easier. Technicians can easily access the roof for inspections and repairs without disturbing the daily activities inside the building.

Do I Need My Flat Roof Professionally Installed?flat roof installation

Having your flat roof professionally installed is essential for ensuring the job is done correctly, safely, and in compliance with building codes. The installation of a flat roof requires specific skills and experience to so that it gets done correctly. Our professional installers are familiar with the nuances of working with flat roofing systems. Their knowledge of proper drainage, waterproofing techniques, and material compatibility mitigates the risk of premature roof failure or costly repairs down the line. Plus, when you have your roof installed by our professionals, you also get our warranty, which provides added peace of mind and protection for your investment.

What Maintenance Does My Flat Roof Need?

Consistent maintenance is crucial for maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your flat roof.  It’s  important to remove any accumulated leaves, branches, or other debris from the roof’s surface to prevent water pooling and potential damage. You should always check your roof after significant weather events to help you catch any immediate issues or damages. On the bright side, our flat roofs are easier to inspect and maintain because of their design.

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