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Flat Roofing Systems

Though there’s not much to see from the ground, the quality of a low pitch or flat roof matters. Metal is not appropriate for these roof lines, so our 80 mil single-ply membrane roofing systems step in to perform and stand up to water.

  • Durable: Remains waterproof throughout the roof’s service life.
  • Safe: Non-flammable and non-combustible, along with hot-air, not chemical, welding of seams.
  • Beautiful: Color choices for the right aesthetic and reflective properties.
  • Manages water: Uniquely formulated PVC membranes withstand ponding water.
  • Built and Installed to Last: Warranted and provide the most leak-free solution for flat roofs.

Whether new construction or replacement, we install superior roofing technology for low pitch and flat roofs. Single-family residences with entire or partial low-sloped or flat roofs benefit from added protection and beauty. Multi-family properties’ large flat rooftops benefit from energy efficiency and safety. 

Protection of your home and all it contains comes from Classic Metal Roofs and industry leader IB Roof Systems. We work together for a lasting solution to the challenges of low-sloped and flat roofs in southern New England.

 7 Ways a Classic Flat Roofing System Protects Your Home

  1. Continuous water-proof sheeting is seamed chemically-free with hot-air welding.
  2. Remains water-proof throughout the life of the roof
  3. Non-flammable and non-combustible for fire safety
  4. Easy to work with on tricky surfaces and easy to repair
  5. Pliable at all temperatures, including the extreme cold of a New England winter
  6. An Energy Star rating that protects your wallet
  7. Meaningful warranties and a proven track record

A Classic Flat Roof Solution offers durability that no other can match.

Convert Your Deck to a Roof?

DeckShield ™ premium decking membrane from IB Roofing Systems is a skid-resistant waterproofing system made from a composite layer of durable reinforced PVC film.

Designed for residential decks and balconies, this innovative product is an aesthetically pleasing and easily maintained system. And it’s especially great for handling our New England weather.  Stop repairing and staining your deck every year.  Talk to us about putting a roof on the floor of your deck with DeckShield ™.

From the start of your project to the installation and beyond, our team of roofing professionals provides an excellent roofing experience.

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Best flat roof ever! The installation crew was very efficient and extremely professional.

Richard N.  Andover, MA

Don’t just get a roof. Get a Classic Flat Roof System.

2 Choose the color that fits your project.

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