Custom Chimney Caps

Custom Chimney Caps for Our Roofing Customers

To complete an envelope of protection exclusively for our roofing clients, we offer custom chimney caps.

Chimney caps set at the top of your chimney, keeping the rain, snow, downdrafts, and animals out of your home. A proper chimney cap contributes to the longevity of your fireplace’s necessary venting system while providing safety.

We make Classic Custom Chimney Caps with high-quality materials that match your new metal roof’s strength and durability. At the high point of your home, our durable, maintenance-free chimney caps provide the protection you need.

Installed at the same time as your new metal roof, our crews are already on the job and know exactly how to place and secure your new chimney cap.

Key Features of Classic Custom Chimney Caps

  • Designed and engineered individually
  • Custom formed from copper, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Matching or complementary roofing colors for aluminum fabrications
  • Rust-proof
  • Fine mesh screens to keep sparks in and animals out of your fireplace
  • Prevent moisture in your chimney, which can cause odors and mold
  • Add beauty and curb appeal at the top of your house

Designed specifically for your home, our Classic Custom Chimney Caps are the ideal way to top off your new roof.