Gable Roof Designs

Gable roofs made of metal on new construction homes in southern New England

Optimize the form and function of your home with a metal gable roof. These classic, A-framed designs spark visual interest while bringing ample drainage and protection to your property. For the highest standards of quality materials and installation, partner with Classic Metal Roofs, your Southern New England roofing experts.

What Is a Gable Roof?

A gabled roof is defined by two expansive slopes spanning from the ridge to the end. These slopes connect to create a triangle-like appearance known as the gable. These roofs are also referred to as A-shaped roofs. Gable roof designs are not required to be even and can also feature several gables.

Types of Gable Roof Designs

Updating your roof to a gable roof system is both exciting and overwhelming due to the variety of gable roof design options available. Types of gable roof designs include:  

  • Box gable roof
  • Cross Dutch gable roof
  • Dutch gable roof
  • Front gable roof
  • Side gable roof

Front & Side Gable Roof Designs

All gable roof designs share the triangular shape concept but display it differently. A front gable roof includes triangular slopes in the front of the home, typically above the entryway. A side gable roof features triangle slopes on the sides of the home. 

Cross Gable Roof Design

Cross-gable roof systems are more intricate designs. These gable roofs involve two perpendicular gable roof sections. This gable roof design is excellent for creating more interior space.

Boxed Gable Roof Design

Another elevated gable roof style option is the boxed gable roof design. Boxed gable roofs refer to an enclosed gable roof wall that acts as a triangular extension of the home’s structure. These roofing systems are a bolder roof choice, using the A-shape as a focal point of the home.

Dutch Gable Roof Design

A Dutch gable roof system is similar to a hip roof but with an added A-shape slope. It features a hip roof base with a gable roof placed on top of four side slopes. This style is highly sought after as it boasts a distinct aesthetic appeal.

Gable Roof vs Hip Roof

A gable roof vs a hip roof is a common comparison. Hip roofs are defined by four, downward-sloping sides connected to exterior walls, with gutters fitted to the edges of the entire system. While the steepness of the slopes varies, they are often less pronounced than that of a gable roof.

Is a Metal Gable Roof Right for Your Home?

To determine whether a gable roof is the right choice for your home, it’s important to weigh out the advantages and drawbacks of these classic designs. To eliminate the guesswork, Metal Classic Roofs is here to empower you with the insight you need to make a confident decision.

Gable Roof Advantages

Gable roof systems are classic choices as they come packed with value-adding benefits. These advantages include:

  • Ease of installation
  • Optimal drainage capabilities
  • Cost-effective combining minimal labor and material expenses
  • Achieve more interior space
  • Improved ventilation and energy efficiency
  • Versatile style and color options

Gable Roof Drawbacks  

There are several notable drawbacks to opting for a gable roof. The sloped design makes it more susceptible to wind damage. This means it can quickly become compromised if your region is subject to extreme weather conditions, resulting in recurring repairs. Furthermore, the A-shape design slopes interior walls, limiting vertical space.

Gable Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is imperative to prolong the lifespan of a gable roof. Upholding the integrity of the roofing shingles is key to mitigating damage and leaks. We recommend scheduling periodic roof inspections to catch minor concerns before they develop into costly problems. In addition, it’s crucial to clear your gutters of any debris to promote proper drainage.

Choose Classic Metal Roofs

Invest in unparalleled value with a gable roof by Classic Metal Roofs. We are the only company to include complementary gutters with our metal roof installations, with flexible financing and exceptional warranties. As a local, family-owned company backed by over 20 years of experience, partner with us for the highest standards of durability, style, and energy efficiency.

What to Expect From Classic Metal Roofs

Partnering with Classic Metal Roofs opens the door to many benefits for your Southern New England Home. The leading advantages of our gable roof design and installation include:

  • American-made and built to last
  • High-quality, environmentally friendly materials
  • Quality workmanship backed by a lifetime labor warranty
  • Focus on safety and integrity
  • Versatile design and color selection

Let’s Discuss Your Metal Gable Roof

Whether you are planning a new build or seeking to upgrade your home, look no further than Classic Metal Roofs. Our experts are here to bring lasting value, durability, and performance to your property with renowned materials and time-honored gable roof installation. Contact our team to schedule a consultation to get started.

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