Galvalume® Roofing vs Galvanized Roof Panels

Galvanized roof panels with rust in MA, CT, RI, NH

If you’ve decided that metal roofing is right for your home, you may have run into the terms galvanized roof panels or Galvalume® roof panels. Although one seems like a name brand, it really is a different type of coating on the metal. There are differences you should understand before making a decision, ideally with the help of your roofing contractor like Classic Metal Roofs services all of New England. 

What are Galvanized Roof Panels?

Galvanized roof panels start off as galvanized metal sheets. Galvanization is a process where the steel sheet metal is dipped into molten zinc. This provides that steel with a layer of protection that helps prevent rust, corrosion and damage. 

What is Galvalume?

Galvalume is a specialized coating that is made from aluminum, zinc and silicon. The steel sheet metal is dipped in Galvalume and allowed to dry and harden. The combination of aluminum, zinc and silicone provides superior protection over a zinc-only coating. This makes Galvalume roof panels a better option over galvanized roof panels as they are more resistant to rust, corrosion and dents from things like hail.

Which is Better?

That depends on where you’re using it. For example, Galvanized metal roofing and Galvalume roofs especially along with the coastal areas or lakes, as water can prematurely cause them to rust in a very short time. These metals are better suited for some commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings where appearance is not so crucial. However, all residential homes will benefit from a longer lifespan when they choose aluminum metal roofing. Both of these products are galvanized and the galvalume will rust. Not what you want to see on your roof after making a major investment.

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