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How to Tell If Your Roof Has Storm Damage

A roof with brown shingles shows damage after a storm.

Roof damage is a common issue Southern New England homeowners face, especially after a storm. Strong winds, hail, and heavy rain can all cause significant damage to your roof, compromising its structural integrity and causing potential leaks. As a homeowner, it’s essential to know how to tell if your roof has storm damage and what… ( read more )

What Is the Rake of a Roof?

A gable roof on a blue house in Connecticut

A well-designed roof should have a rake to protect the structural integrity of the building, prevent ice dams, and improve the roof’s overall aesthetic. You may be wondering what the rake of a roof is. It’s essentially the angled edge of the roof running parallel to the ground. It may also be referred to as… ( read more )

DIY Metal Roofs and Why to Avoid Them

Zinc Roofing from Classic Metal Roofs in MA, CT, NH & RI

Metal roofs are incredibly popular, especially in CT, MA, RI, & NH. They are known for their durability and long lifespan. They are also known as one of the most difficult roofs to install, which is why specialty metal roofing contractors are recommended for your next project. Despite this, many homeowners, regular roofers, and even… ( read more )

How Do You Find the Best Metal Roofing Contractor?

The bunch of big stones in front of homes

There are many roofing companies in the area. Some may even list metal roofing as a service they provide. However, finding metal roofing contractors who are experienced in metal roofing products can be a challenge. Simply searching “metal roofing installer near me” won’t always give you a quality metal roofer.

Metal Roofing Types and Profiles

metal roof shingles on a cottage-style home in MA, CT, RI, or NH

What Are the Various Metal Roofing Types or Profiles? There are many types of metal roofing for homes. Of the different types of metal roofing, not all of them are necessarily right for your home. Depending on your budget, one metal roofing system may be a better fit than another. There are a few ways… ( read more )