Is a Metal or Asphalt Roof Better?

As a metal roofing company, we know that a metal roof is superior to an asphalt roof in many ways. However, you likely have already discovered that information as you weigh your options. It’s always our goal for our customers to feel confident and comfortable in their decision to replace their asphalt roof with a… ( read more )

Looking Beyond A Quote for Metal Roofing Pricing

If you’re simply comparing quotes with asphalt and metal roof prices, you’re going to notice that the initial metal roofing cost is higher than the initial asphalt shingle cost. What we advise many of our customers to do is look beyond the roof replacement at what an asphalt roof costs when compared to what a… ( read more )

How Is Today’s Roofing Different from Years Ago?

For as long as there have been dwellings, there have been roofs. However, the evolution of roofing didn’t end when tile roofing was invented. In fact, although tile is still a common and popular roofing material in parts of the world, it’s not ideal in MA, RI, CT, and NH. Throughout these  states, homes typically… ( read more )

What is a Dormer?

why metal roofing for a domer in Rhode Island

If you’re a new homeowner or simply haven’t run across the term dormer, you may be wondering just what is a dormer? The simplest explanation is that it is any roofed structure that extends out from the main roof of the home. Most have windows and their purpose is to increase the light and usable… ( read more )

Do You Have Metal Roof Snow Retention?

metal roof snow retention in New Hampshire

One of the big advantages of metal roofing is that it is much more durable than asphalt roofing against heavy snowfalls. It also withstands the freeze-thaw cycle better than other roofing materials. However, without metal roof snow retention, you are leaving yourself open to a potential hazard. When the temperatures warm, even a little, the… ( read more )