Metal Roof Solar Panels Farmington, CT

Description: This project is a “layover”, which means the roof is installed over one layer of asphalt shingles. The product is Classic’s Rustic Shake. The total area of metal roofing is 8,500 square feet with an additional 500 square feet of PVC membrane on 4 small flat roofs. All material is Energy Star rated and was eligible for a federal tax credit in 2009. The roof was installed in conjunction with approximately 80 photovoltaic solar panels, and 20 skylights. It is one of the largest residential photovoltaic solar/metal roof installations in Connecticut.

We are setting up the roof with our woven polypropylene in MA We are setting up the roof with our woven polypropylene underlayment over one layer of shingles. The brackets for the solar panels have been installed on this section of the roof. Solar installation by Sunlight Solar. Link below.
Showcase Project I image 2 width= Underlayment installed with 4 of the 20 skylights that went in on this project.
Showcase Project I image 3 Installing more skylights
Showcase Project I image 5 Rustic Shake installed on a section of roof with solar panel brackets.
Showcase Project I image 6 Close up of finished roof and bracket.
Showcase Project I image 8 Even a little snow won’t slow us down.
Showcase Project I image 9 Shed roof: metal completed, solar just about done.
Showcase Project I image 10 Installation of Rustic Shakes moving along. You can see the foam inserts to the right. That goes under the shake. This makes the roof “walkable.”
Showcase Project I image 11 Tying into the Valley on the left.
Showcase Project I image 12 Shed complete – solar and metal.
The crew is working to get this roof on before the next storm in Stow, MA The crew is working to get this roof on before the next storm.
the shingles here as well—flashing 1 of the 20 skylights You can see the inserts that go under the shingles here as well—flashing 1 of the 20 skylights.
Showcase Project I image 15 Finishing touches on the cheek of the dormer.
Showcase Project I image 16 Another section of the roof complete with metal and solar.
Showcase Project I image 18 You can see the scope of the project from this angle.
Showcase Project I image 20 Metal roof highway?
Showcase Project I image 22 Bird’s eye view of the finished section with the solar panels, 25-foot valley, and flat roof system in white in the inside corner. Ridge cap installed and the shed with solar panels in the background.
Showcase Project I image 23 You can see the transition in the roof from one plane to another on the shed dormer—a great shot of the multiple line and variations of this roof. You can also make out the snow and ice breaks on a couple of sections below.
Sunlight Solar of CT here The garage, the other south-facing roof covered in solar panels. Learn more about Sunlight Solar of CT here.

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