A Metal Roofing Steeple in West Acton, Massachusetts

The steeple that towers over the village of West Acton has been a bit of an eyesore for many years. Our involvement in this project is only part of the restoration of the entire building. The decision to clad the steeple in white Kynar-coated aluminum came after many hours of debate. A copper covering was the first choice, but it was decided that the associated cost was too high. Settling for the less expensive aluminum was still a great choice. We think you will agree when you see the finished project.

Showcase Project IV image 1 This is what we started with: Asphalt Shingles with steel hip caps.
Showcase Project IV image 2 Working off an 86’ boom lift can be a challenge! Stripping the old covering off and covering the structure with high-temperature ice and water shield.
Showcase Project IV image 3 The process of installing the underlayment and fabricating and installing the panels.
Metal Roofing Steeple Classic Metal Roofs LLC Showcase Project IV image 6 The finished project. White was a good choice! Feel free to drive by and take a look at 250 Central Street, West Acton, Massachusetts.

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