Customer Reviews Are Important When Hiring A Roofer

Hire a roofer with good customer reviews

Run an online search for metal roofing companies in your area and you are going to find several of them. Checking essential qualifications such as a valid license, insurance, and products represented can help narrow down your list. Customer reviews are a valuable resource that’s often overlooked. Classic Metal Roofs LLC discusses why customer feedback is important.

Good Service Equals Good Feedback

Nothing paints a clearer picture of a company’s level of service than feedback from its customers. A roofing contractor can make as many promises as they want, but if they fall short of fulfilling those promises, it makes itself evident through customers. A contractor who provides reliable service and fulfills their promises consistently are likely to receive positive feedback.

There are some reliable online resources that you can use when vetting your metal roofing contractor. One of the most recognizable organizations is the Better Business Bureau, thanks to their strict policy of allowing only verified clients to post reviews. GuildQuality is another site that independently surveys a significant sample size of the contractor’s customers, and publishes them online. Keep in mind if you don’t see survey questions and star reviews on the Guild Quality review site for a company it means that the company is NOT allowing GC to publish all there reviews. It’s an all or nothing with them. So if there are no surveys and no stars the page should be ignored. They are not showing you everything that customers are saying. They are just “cherry picking” positive comments and publishing them.

How Roofers Handle Complaints

A feedback system is good; a feedback system that allows the contractor to respond and offer help is much better. Every customer’s problem is unique, but a capable contractor should be able to resolve such problems in a timely and courteous manner. Even the speed of their responses should be noted: it speaks volumes on how the contractor cares about their customers. A quick response also indicates readiness, which can be important when you need their help for roofing emergencies. We are all human, no one is perfect. But it is how mistakes are handled that separates the good companies from the bad.

Our Client Reviews

Classic Metal Roofs LLC is proud to say that we are a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 2005. We have since maintained an A+ rating, with five-star average reviews. Our listing at GuildQuality is even more detailed, as their surveys covered all aspects of a roofing contractor’s service, including quality of workmanship, communication, and problem resolution. But don’t take our word for it: the comments from our customers speak for themselves.

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