Here’s Why Fall Is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof

Roof Replacement in the Fall in MA, CT, RI, NH

Fall is upon us, and the moderate temperatures and mellow weather make this season the perfect time to do any roofing-related project. For homeowners who haven’t replaced their old roofs yet, fall is the best time to replace your roof.

Classic Metal Roofs, your local metal roofers, share why fall is the best time to replace your roof.

The Interim Season

Fall is what you call an interim season, as it’s sandwiched between two extreme seasons – the blistering heat of summer and the chilling winter. By fall, your roof would have experienced everything from spring showers to intense summer heat. You shouldn’t be surprised if your roof, at this point, has sustained some level of disrepair.

While fall isn’t a stranger to light showers, it isn’t as intense as during summer. The cold isn’t as bad compared to winter, which makes metal roof installation easier to do.

Replace Your Roof with Fewer Delays

Since the weather is mild to moderate, there’s also a lower likelihood of inclement weather to disrupt your project and cause delays. The last thing you want is for your roofing project to get delayed until it’s almost winter when things start getting really busy and queues are long.

Winter Is a Difficult Season

Most homeowners wait until the end of the fall or the very start of winter to replace their roofs. While it may seem smart, it’s actually a mistake to do since the tail-end of fall is the busiest, as many homeowners are struggling to replace their roof at the last minute.

Winter itself is a difficult season to work in, due to the presence of snow and ice. However, metal roof installation does go on all winter when possible. The moderate temperatures in the fall make it more favorable to both the new roof and the metal roofing contractor doing the installation on your home.

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