Along with the increasing popularity of metal roofing are more requests for unique colors and finishes to help individualize and characterize products and buildings.


While there are many standard single-tone colors available in metal roofing, there are also several unique and multi-hued finishes available. One recent advancement has brought about the introduction of “matte” (low gloss) finishes that provide a muted, weathered look from the moment of installation. (With standard gloss finishes, expect a year or two before dirt accumulation will have this same effect.) Various metallic paint finishes can be used to create copper, brass, gold, and silver looks as well as “shimmery” appearances in other colors. Coil painted with a metallic color, please note, will have “directionality” and appear different based upon which direction it is viewed from. (This fact must be paid attention to when installing metal roof panels coated with these colors as well so as to get a consistent appearance on the roof). A very recent development in paint finishes are “print coat” systems that layer a pattern of a coordinating color on top of a solid base color. Print coats can make the roof appear soft or “fuzzy” for a natural look. Additionally, new powder systems such as our ThermoBond Textured Kynar finish create a blend of colors as well as provide a texture that property owners like and that provides extra slip resistance on the roof. There are aggregate “stone” coatings available for certain metal roof systems that also provide variable colors and textures.  For discriminating purchasers, there is a myriad of color choices available in metal roofing and, in many cases, special colors can also be achieved (see Technical Bulletin #28).