Kynar/Hylar Fade Performance


Property owners want to know that the finish on their metal roofing is going to maintain its good looks.


Classic Products has chosen to offer its metal roofing products only with Kynar/Hylar finishes because of the outstanding long-term performance of those finishes. Our fade warranty on these products typically includes 30-year coverage against fade and chalk. But the 30-year figure can be misleading if the true performance potential of these finishes is not explained.


A Kynar/Hylar finish will always be fade-resistant, and the 30-year coverage should not be interpreted that the finish is likely to fail or fade badly soon after that. Fade warranties typically state that color will change no greater than 5 E Units. An E-Unit is a measure of color change that would have to be verified by a color lab. A change of 5 E Units would be very slight, and barely noticable (maybe not noticable at all without a “new” color chip to compare to). Another variable is that “fade” doesn’t necessarily mean change in color towards white. A dark brown finish might “fade” towards the red, but again any color change would be within the 5 E Units specified under warranty.

After 30 years, the finish is likely to continue exhibiting excellent fade and weathering properties. We have seen metal roofs 50 years old with Kynar finishes looking as good as new, and paint vendors continue to punish samples of Kynar/Hylar finishes at test sites in Florida and Arizona with terriffic results. Kynar/Hylar finishes are the best available for long term weathering and fade resistance.