Log Homes


Owners of log homes typically want their homes to look very authentic and rustic. Many metal roof designs lend themselves quite well to this. However, many log homes have issues that must be dealt with including wall flashings, skylights, and ventilation. Awareness of and planning for these things can result in a successful, long-term metal roofing application.


Whenever installing metal roofing on a log home, close contact with the manufacturer of the roofing is suggested in order to ensure that the manufacturers’ recommendations for the aforementioned areas are met. Whenever possible, wall flashings should be inserted into the timber sidewalls and sealed well. Due to the formation of the logs, this can present challenges and may require the use of terminator bars or two-piece flashings. In most cases, the detail for skylight installation is no different than normal (see our Technical Bulletin #29 on Skylight Installation). Many log homes have cathedral ceilings and some also utilize stress skin “sandwich” panels for the roofs. If you encounter these situations, be sure to refer to our Technical Bulletin numbers 56, 26, and 15 for details on how to handle these issues. Also, due to the complex designs of roofs on many log homes, and due to the fact that they are often installed in wooded areas, be sure to use appropriate valley systems (see our Technical Bulletin #10) and also ensure that careful planning goes into the roof lay-out in order to allow the roofing courses to match up above dormers and valleys. Metal roofing, when properly installed, is ideal for most log homes.