The “Mill Finish” Look


Many property owners who want a metal roof to achieve a rustic look will say that they want a mill finish roof.


In actuality, mill finish metal is used primarily only for industrial roofs. There can be problems with forming unpainted metal and, additionally, unpainted metal will be more prone to corrosion and aging.


While the backside of some metal roofing may have a mill finish appearance, it will usually have a clear washcoat on it. This is the cases with the aluminum used by Classic Products. Some customers have asked us to run the metal upside down for their roofing. The problem with this is that the clear washcoat was not intended to have exposure to the elements and it may discolor or just wash away over time. In some cases, bare galvanized steel or galvalume is used for roofing. However, after a few years, it will need to be painted in order to prevent rusting. In most cases, property owners who want a mill finish look will be best served by choosing a color that has a mill finish look about it.