Thermobond Special Colors


In some cases, despite Classic Products’ wide variety of standard ThermoBond colors, customers have a need for special colors to meet their exact needs.


Because Classic Products applies the ThermoBond finish in our own factory, some of the steps to achieving a special color are eliminated or simplified. However, there are still several issues to be addressed. First, the color must be matched. Second, some colors may require exotic pigments that make them more costly than other paints. Third, when Classic Products blends the color to meet a particular need, we invariably end up with some left-over paint at the end. Finally, time must be allowed for the color to be matched, the paint to be produced, and the final product to be painted.


The ThermoBond finish is actually a blend of multiple colors of Kynar/Hylar powder. By blending together different percentages of the colors, different looks can be achieved. Also, the powders can be applied as a solid individual color instead of a blend. Tests for custom blends cost $120 each due to the powder that must be used when creating the test blend. Custom blends are formulated at the customer’s direction. If a suitable blend can be achieved, that powder will be used in the production run so there will no extra charge for that blend. If the customers’ needs require a component powder color that Classic Products does not stock, there will be a minimum order requirement to obtain that special powder color. The size of the minimum order is determined by what percentage of the special component color is used in the final blend. All custom colors and blends, whether or not they require a special component color,  carry a $500 upcharge per order to cover the cost of paint that is left over at the end of the run. Time to achieve a special ThermoBond color is approximately three to eight weeks, depending upon whether a new component color must be formulated and produced.