Touch-Up Paint


Classic Products’ Touch-Up Paint is a KYNAR/HYLAR based paint formulation. However, because it is an air-dry formulation rather than the bake-on formulation that comes pre-applied to our products, it may have different weathering characteristics and should be used with care.


Non-KYNAR/HYLAR Touch-Up should not be used due to severe weathering differences. Additionally, no Touch-Up including even a KYNAR/HYLAR formulation, should be spray-applied due to the “fog” of overspray which occurs with spray application. This “fog” of thin coating may not possess the same chemistry as the rest of the paint and will weather poorly.


Small, limited scratches on aluminum roofing do not need to be addressed unless they are visually unacceptable. Limited areas of exposed aluminum will quickly develop a protective “skin” or “patina” that will prevent further corrosion. All scratches that expose bare steel, however, should be addressed. If non-KYNAR/HYLAR paint is used to paint large areas, such as house trim or roof vents, care should be taken to ensure that the non-KYNAR/HYLAR paint, nor overspray from it, does not end up on the metal roofing or flashings. When applying Classic Products’ Touch-Up, do so in a well-ventilated area. Apply the Touch-Up only to the scratch and the immediately surrounding area using a small brush or dauber.