Most metal roofing materials are protected by valuable long term warranties. These warranties typically cover the integrity of the base metal as well as the integrity and ongoing performance of any coatings on the metal. Warranties on products with Kynar / Hylar paint finishes include coverage for fade and chalk as well. Because manufacturers cannot control the workmanship used to install their products, the product warranties cover materials only and do not extend to workmanship. Most contractors will offer a separate warranty covering their installation workmanship. Some warranties will provide replacement labor, though, if the materials themselves fail and violate the warranty coverage. One additional fact is that all roofing warranties are typically pro-rated meaning that, based upon when the product fails, the customer may have to pay a portion of repair or replacement costs. Pro-ration is allowing for the fact that homeowners who have received some service from their roofs should pay for that service. If a warranty is not pro-rated, it is strongly suggested that the warranty be reviewed very closely to make sure that it is covering things which could actually happen. For the most part, manufacturers who are make valid warranty claims will need to pro-rate their warranties to avoid huge looming liability whereas manufacturers who do not provide valid coverage in their warranties have no risk in not pro-rating.