Do You Have Metal Roof Snow Retention?

metal roof snow retention in New Hampshire

One of the big advantages of metal roofing is that it is much more durable than asphalt roofing against heavy snowfalls. It also withstands the freeze-thaw cycle better than other roofing materials. However, without metal roof snow retention, you are leaving yourself open to a potential hazard. When the temperatures warm, even a little, the sheet of snow on aluminum roof panels can lead to an avalanche of sorts. Unless you have snow brakes on a metal shingle or snow fence on a standing seam..

Roof Avalanches Lead to Damage

As all that snow slides down your roof, it can damage other parts of your home or potentially injure anyone standing beneath. Landscaping, vehicles, windows and doors have all been damaged by snow falling off roofs, metal and other materials. However, when you have metal roof snow guards on your metal roofing, you’re protected from the snow avalanche. Yes, snow can still slide off, but the snow guards act as a sort of break for the sliding snow.

Can Metal Roof Snow Retention Be Installed After My New Roof?

Yes! If you have metal roofing and your roofing company never installed snow guards, it’s not too late. It’s only too late if you have snow on your roof. Now is the time to reach out to us. We can share with you the various snow retention systems, AKA metal roof snow brakes and fences, that would most compliment your roof and its angles. We have many options in color and finishes so yours compliment your home.

Considering a New Roof?

Few materials can stand up to Mother Nature like metal roofing. Whether it’s wind, hail, snow or ice, a new metal roof will protect your home for decades to come. Classic Metal Roofs installs rust-free aluminum roofing in many styles and colors as well as copper and zinc roofing. Our free roof replacement estimates always include the roof itself, ventilation, metal roof flashing and metal roof snow retention. Call us today for your free estimate at (866)660-6668 or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you. We have offices in MA, CT, RI and MA and are fully licensed and insured in each state.

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