Help your home, and your neighborhood, be more sustainable

How to have a sustainable home

As many property owners will attest, homeowners’ associations are great for helping set and maintain standards for local neighborhoods. But sometimes HOA rules and regulations owners have to abide by the need to update, to take into account best practices that also increase sustainability.

Take metal roofs. Many homeowners want to re-roof with metal but are sometimes prevented to do so by out-of-date HOA rules that prohibit it.

Yet most neighborhood value not only style aesthetics but other priorities including protecting their property values and local communities, while caring for the environment. As an owner, you can help advocate with your HOA and leadership board to consider changes that take these priorities into account for your neighborhood.

Here are some important arguments to be made for why metal roofs make sense, not only for some communities but for all neighborhoods, no matter what region you may live in:

  • Make your neighborhood resilient: Allowing for improvements and renovations that last longer and increase protections for homes and neighborhoods can make a big difference, especially in severe weather climates. Materials like quality metal roofs can help guard homes against wildfire danger, and snow and ice damage and are less prone to get damaged or fail in extreme conditions such as high winds and heavy hail.
  • Close the recycling loop: Many neighborhoods have recycling programs through their haulers, but HOAs also play a major role in encouraging recycling through the standards they set to help promote and encourage the use of recyclable materials. Unlike asphalt roofs that wear out sooner and end up taking a massive amount of landfill space at the end of their lifespan, metal roofs are 100% recyclable and need to be replaced far less frequently.
  • Strive for net zero: Encouraging energy-efficient building, remodeling, and lifestyle practices is key not only for sustainability but for helping homeowners lower their total cost of ownership. Forward-thinking HOAs also are increasingly allowing rooftop solar systems. Metal roofs are not only considered “cool roofs” —helping save energy during hot weather seasons—they are considered to be the perfect platform for residential solar systems because they are built to last for at least as long as the systems themselves and are less likely to fail.
  • Consider sustainable style. Nothing detracts from the value of a neighborhood more than poorly maintained homes. Materials like shake and asphalt roofs require regular, ongoing maintenance and harsh treatments to prevent organic growth like moss and fungus. Conversely, low-maintenance roofs with quality coatings need little more than a simple squirt of water and gentle soap to look their best. Does your HOA still insist on less sustainable roofing materials like asphalt and shake? It’s important to know that metal roofs can mimic those traditional roofing styles so closely, even experts have trouble telling the difference. And they come in more patterns, colors, and designs than any other type of roof.

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