Top 4 Reasons to Replace Your Asphalt Roof

old asphalt roof with full gutters and dilapidated brick chimney

In this post, metal roof contractor Classic Metal Roofs, LLC lists the top 4 reasons to replace your asphalt roof during any season, winter, spring, summer, or fall.

When you’re planning to replace your roof, you’re going to have a lot on your plate. You’ll need to explain what’s about to happen to everyone in your household, pick the right contractor, and even the correct materials for the project. With all the confusion of what’s going on, it’s easy to forget one crucial thing: when you’re going to have your roof replaced. Some say that summer and spring is the best time to get it done, but you may be surprised to learn that any season is the best season of the year to replace your roof.

My Asphalt Roof is Leaking – Rain or Ice Dams Water Infiltration

Whether your asphalt roof is leaking from rain or ice dams, it’s best to nip it in the bud.  This is our top reason to replace your asphalt roof in any season. Replacing an asphalt roof with a lifetime aluminum metal roof installation will eliminate these problems forever. Be sure to take pictures of the problem areas both inside and out to best to identify the areas that may need special attention. These areas of the roof can be fixed with the installation of either a standing seam metal roof or a metal shingle roof.

Shingles Blowing off the Roof -Finding Asphalt Shingles in the Yard

Finding asphalt roof shingles or pieces of shingles in the yard after a windstorm is definitely a clue that something isn’t right with your roof.  This is our second top reason to replace your asphalt roof during any season. There are several reasons that this could be occurring. One is that the installation was not done properly, which happens quite frequently.

Another reason could be that the roof is old and brittle. This can happen in far less time than one would think. It can be due to the roof’s orientation to the sun, it could be that the roof doesn’t have proper or adequate ventilation, or sometimes it’s just the nature of the product.

Also, if you have gutters, check to see if there are granules from the asphalt shingles accumulating there.  Designed obsolescence is what asphalt shingles are all about.

Black Streaks, Algae, Moss Growth – Just Plain Ugly

 If you have a biological growth on the roof, you could have it cleaned. Yes, there are companies that do just that. (Wow, that should tell you something about asphalt roofs.) Keep in mind that it’s just a band aid. The process of having an asphalt roof cleaned will keep the roof looking good for a year or two, but that will come at a cost. The process will also suck the life, or what’s left of it, out of your roof. It’s time for a new roof; don’t prolong the agony.  These are our third top reasons for replacing your asphalt roof.

Availability – Get in the schedule

Tempted to replace your roof during the middle of winter? Apart from ice conditions, which can slow or stop the process, it’s really not a bad idea. This is our fourth top reason for replacing your asphalt roof.  While there are some metal roofers that offer you a lower price to replace your roof during this time of year, you may have a hard time finding a professional, because they are probably busy all year long, including the winter months.

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