Fall is a Great Time to Prepare Your Roof for the Coming Season

Closeup of a grey standing seam metal roof in New Hampshire.

It’s Fall: a time for back to school, football and getting ready to prepare for colder weather.

The start of the season also means spending a little time getting your home’s roof in shape. While metal roofs are well-known for being easy to maintain, long-lasting and durable, the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) recommends homeowners care for and clean their metal roofs regularly to ensure maximum performance.

“Metal roofs are one of the easiest to care for, and simple steps will help it stay beautiful, fresh and protect its very long life,” said Renee Ramey, executive director of the MRA. “And bonus: a clean roof gives your home a major curb appeal boost and maximizes performance.”

Thanks to special coatings and paint, cleaning a metal roof is not only easy, it’s more environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. In fact, plain water can often effectively wash away dirt, dust and other debris from a metal roof. While it’s always good to check with the specific metal roofing manufacturer for what their recommended cleaning method is for your roof, here’s a simple four-step home cleaning remedy useful for most metal roofs:

Prepare Your Roof

  1. If water alone isn’t enough to remove common dirt and debris, mix 1/4 cup of mild detergent (including mild laundry detergents, car washing soap, mild dish soap) per gallon of water.
  2. Apply the solution to roof surface using washcloth, sponge, a soft bristle brush and/or non-abrasive pad. The goal is to use the lightest touch that will effectively do the job.
  3. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the surface with plain water.

Cleaning a metal roof regularly helps reduce damaging elements such as pollution, airborne dirt, organic material debris, pollen and mildew which can lead to issues such as chalking over time if left unaddressed. Remember to clean and fix any gutter issues, trim trees and tall shrubs away from the roof and have a professional inspect your roof periodically which helps you catch any small issues early before the potentially turn into larger problems. Here are three other tips to keep in mind:

1) Give your roof a seasonal check-up. Pick a date on the calendar to get your roof ready for colder, wetter weather and performing roof maintenance such as cleaning out gutters, ensuring snow guards are in place and more.

2) Say never. Never use steel wool, wire brushes, sandpaper, high-pressure power washers, scouring powders, paint removers or thinners on a metal roof. Don’t overuse or abuse cleaning agents on your metal roof. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to help protect and maintain roof warranties.

3) Be safe. There are many safety precautions to consider when getting up on any type of roof, no matter what the material. The best advice is to don’t do it if you are not comfortable or prepared to take the proper precautions. Hiring a professional, reputable roof cleaning service that is experienced and knowledgeable is the very best way to ensure safety and a job well done.

For more information about the benefits of metal roofs, visit the Metal Roofing Alliance at www.metalroofing.com

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