Summer Is on the Way…We Hope!

A cedar house with a metal standing seam cool roof in MA, CT, NH, or RI

It’s been a rough winter and spring, we can only hope we finally have some nice summer weather in the forecast.

Historically, nobody thought much about their roof when it came to energy efficiency. In fact, it was traditionally the least energy-efficient part of the home exterior. However, the advent of “cool” metal products have changed homeowners’ perception of roofs as well as the roofs themselves.

How exactly can an energy-efficient metal roof help lower your utility bills and improve your home’s comfort? Most metal roofers, including Classic Metal Roofs, agree it does three things best:

Reflecting Solar Heat

A premium aluminum roof can actually deflect up to 95% of that hot summer solar heat, which would otherwise turn your home into a furnace. When finished with an innovative coating called Kynar 500, aluminum’s solar reflectance soars. It bounces most of the sun’s energy back to the sky, keeping its surface temperature low. As a result, it transmits significantly less energy into your interior and helps keep outside air cool enough to mitigate the urban heat island effect.

Re-Emitting Absorbed Energy

Any experienced metal roof company knows that energy-efficient roofing panels don’t retain most of the small amount of heat they absorb. Most reflective roofs likewise boast high emittance, fending off infrared radiation to keep your home naturally cool. You would feel the effect more during the warmest time of the year.

Preventing Attic Heat Buildup

Beyond the reflective and emissive material itself, an energy-efficient metal roof must also have proper attic ventilation. Regardless of the time of year, the attic temperature must remain close to that of the outside to help regulate your indoor climate. With the right combination of intake and exhaust vents, your roof can optimize the airflow within the attic. Since a hot attic makes the living space below also hot, keeping its temperature low with fresh drafts can reduce your reliance on air conditioning.

Furthermore, reliable metal roofing companies would advise you to invest in proper insulation, too. It can help minimize the transfer of desirable heat into the attic to avoid wasting energy. The interplay between your attic ventilation and insulation is critical to your roof’s health and your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

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