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Top 4 Environmental Benefits of Metal Roofs

A blue house with a chimney and a grey metal roof in CT, MA, NH, or RI

Metal is perhaps the greenest roofing material you can buy. If you seriously want to minimize your home’s impact on the environment, it’s your best bet. According to Classic Metal Roofs, here are four environmental benefits of metal roofs: Reducing Carbon Gas Emission Generally, metal roofing systems are both reflective and emissive. They deflect most… ( read more )

Why Metal Roofs Withstand High Winds Best

A hurricane forming over MA, CT, NH, or RI

Many asphalt shingles are marketed to be resistant to wind damage, but the superior performance of metal roofing products is indisputable. In fact, FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency itself, recommends metal roofs for high-wind regions. If your location usually gets winds blowing over 90 mph, a zinc, copper, or aluminum roof is an… ( read more )

New Hampshire, A Metal Roofing Mecca

People in New Hampshire prefer metal roofs, including this standing seam metal roof on a ranch home

If you live here, you already know that metal roofs are everywhere. If you don’t live in New Hampshire and come up to visit, you probably will make the comment, “Wow! Everywhere I look, I see metal roofs.” So, what’s with all the metal roofs in New Hampshire anyway? Well, from our perspective, there are… ( read more )

Summer Is on the Way…We Hope!

A cedar house with a metal standing seam cool roof in MA, CT, NH, or RI

It’s been a rough winter and spring, we can only hope we finally have some nice summer weather in the forecast. Historically, nobody thought much about their roof when it came to energy efficiency. In fact, it was traditionally the least energy-efficient part of the home exterior. However, the advent of “cool” metal products have… ( read more )

What Makes IB Roof Systems Your Best Choice?

IB Roof Systems standing seam metal roof in Stow, MA

IB Roof System Advantages Similar to commercial buildings, most homes with flat or low-pitched roofs take advantage of single-ply membranes. Unlike shingles or tiles, however, IB Roof Systems are expected to perform better. For instance, they must withstand exposure to chemical pollutants and high foot traffic. They should also require minimal maintenance. Low Slope, Radius… ( read more )