Why Metal Roofs Withstand High Winds Best

A hurricane forming over MA, CT, NH, or RI

Many asphalt shingles are marketed to be resistant to wind damage, but the superior performance of metal roofing products is indisputable. In fact, FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency itself, recommends metal roofs for high-wind regions.

If your location usually gets winds blowing over 90 mph, a zinc, copper, or aluminum roof is an excellent investment. If you ask Classic Metal Roofs, here’s why metal roofing systems deliver better protection from strong winds than asphalt shingle ones:

Interlocking Panels

Metal panels interlock on all four sides keeping each other in place during hurricanes. On the contrary, high winds can loosen properly installed asphalt shingles, making them become more susceptible to getting blown off faster than expected. This is why seeing shingles on the ground that have blown off the roof isn’t an uncommon sight after storms.

Concealed Fasteners

Most metal roofs are joined together with hidden stainless steel clips and screws. In turn, concealed fasteners aren’t exposed to the elements night and day, decreasing the chances of deterioration and failure. Generally, concealed fastener systems come with stronger warranties than exposed fastener ones.

Further, the use of concealed-clip fasteners provides allowance for contraction and expansion. Hidden fasteners have more room to move with extreme changes in temperature without compromising the overall structural integrity of the metal roof.

Apt Underlayments

Applying the correct underlayment is standard practice in metal roofing installation. They serve as an insurance policy against wind-driven rain that could potentially seep under the panels.

But then again, laying down underlayments is one thing; using correct membranes

aluminum roof

is another. It takes an experienced metal roofer, like Classic Metal Roofs, to determine the most appropriate underlayments to cover the sheathing properly.

Here on the east coast, metal roofing has become the roof of choice. Elevate your home’s defense against high winds with a high-quality metal roofing system. Call Classic Metal Roofs at (866) 303-2002 today to schedule an appointment to discuss your project and get a free estimate. We wind-proof roofs n all coastal areas of New England and anywhere there are windy areas in southern New England including all of MA, CT, RI and southern NH. We now cover Westchester County, NY and coastal ME.

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