DIY Metal Roofs and Why to Avoid Them

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Metal roofs are incredibly popular, especially in CT, MA, RI, & NH. They are known for their durability and long lifespan. They are also known as one of the most difficult roofs to install, which is why specialty metal roofing contractors are recommended for your next project.

Despite this, many homeowners, regular roofers, and even contractors attempt to install metal roofing independently as a DIY project. For a successful project and a long-lasting metal roof, homeowners must avoid DIY metal roof installation. Let’s discuss six reasons you should avoid doing a DIY metal roof project and hire metal roofing contractors at Classic Metal Roofs.

Poor Installation Can Be Costly

Metal roofs are fairly complex as they are made up of several components. DIY metal roofing installation may result in missing one of these crucial components. When improperly installed, metal roofs can have many issues, including less durability, less weather resilience, and a drastically reduced life span. You’ll have to repair or replace the roof far sooner than expected, sometimes immediately.

Apart from the metal roof itself, metal roofing includes the following components:

  • Underlayment
  • Sealants
  • Linear pieces
  • Drip edge or starter
  • Rake Edge
  • Head and sidewall
  • Valleys
  • Ridge and hip caps
  • Transition flashings
  • Base
  • Chimney and skylight flashings
  • Z’s

DIY Metal Roofs Are Dangerous

The roof is a very unsafe place to work. Professional metal roofing contractors have training, equipment, and staging that protects them from these dangers. As a DIY project, there are no safety measures. What may look like a safe situation can turn deadly in seconds. That is something you never want to risk. Rely on the experts for your metal roof installation to avoid hurting yourself or someone else.

You Might Pick the Wrong Roof

The term “metal roof” generally encompasses all types of base metal – including steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Many fastening methods can be chosen. No standard or generic options exist, and you may pick the wrong one for your home or project, which can lead to replacing the roof. Professional metal roofing contractors can ensure you choose the right metal for your roof.

Installation Is Skilled Work & Requires Specialized Tools

Metal roofing contractors undergo extensive training and practice to ensure they have the proper skills to install a metal roof. Many nuances and situations require an experienced metal roofer’s skill.

No matter the base metal, style, and fastening system you choose, many specialized tools are required to do the job. These tools can’t be purchased at your local hardware store. They also require a metal roof mechanic to operate these tools.

In addition, if you choose a DIY metal roof project over professionals, the project will take longer, and you might miss a serious problem. Professionals are trained and practiced leaving them to be highly effective. They also know what problems to look for and how to address them.

You Won’t Save Money

One common reason homeowners consider doing a DIY metal roof project is to save money. The idea is appealing, of course. Unfortunately, many homeowners that choose a DIY metal roofing project over hiring professionals end up spending more money than if they had just hired professionals in the first place. Costs can add up in the following ways:

  • Mistakes that require hiring a professional at a later day
  • Incorrect installation leads to storm damage
  • Inexperienced installation can lead to injury
  • Material costs

The Final Result Won’t Be As Aesthetically Pleasing

Many DIY metal roofers think they can create a final product that looks as good as a professional roofing contractor. The perfect product is hard to achieve without the experience of knowing each step to achieve this look. Many small details make the end metal roof product. If you want an aesthetically pleasing roof, hire professionals.

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