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Considering a Metal Shingle Roof?

metal shingle roof in Massachusetts

Consider Essential Criteria Whenever anyone is making a decision on what kind of roof to purchase for their home, I always encourage them to establish their Criteria. What are the “must-haves” for them when it comes to a new roof? As part of that, I guide them through a discussion that looks at things that… ( read more )

The Qualities That Make Metal Roofs Resilient

Metal roofs are nothing if not resilient. With proper care and maintenance, metal roofs can last 100 years or so; 5-6 times as long as the typical asphalt shingle roof. Metal roofing installation specialist shares an in-depth look at what makes metal such a resilient roofing system. Impact Resistance Compared to most other roofing types,… ( read more )

High Wind Locations Ideal for Metal Roof

Black metal roofing panels on grey house in RI CT MA NH

Most building contractors and architects will tell you that the best kind of material for high wind locations is a metal roof. This might not seem like the most logical option right away, but metal roofs are great at and known for resisting high winds. In fact, some well-installed metal roofs can withstand hurricane-force up… ( read more )

Why Metal Roofs Withstand High Winds Best

Many asphalt shingles are marketed to be resistant to wind damage, but the superior performance of metal roofing products is indisputable. In fact, FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency itself, recommends metal roofs for high-wind regions. If your location usually gets winds blowing over 90 mph, a zinc, copper, or aluminum roof is an… ( read more )