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Consider Essential Criteria

Whenever anyone is making a decision on what kind of roof to purchase for their home, I always encourage them to establish their Criteria. What are the “must-haves” for them when it comes to a new roof? As part of that, I guide them through a discussion that looks at things that other homeowners over the years have told me were important to their roof decision, and they can decide whether those things are important to them. Some of the things we discuss include life expectancy, maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, cost, low weight, wind resistance, fire safety, hail resistance, beauty, added home value, and environmental impact.

What I try to do is help them narrow things down to maybe 5 – 7 Essential Criteria – things they must accomplish with their new roof. Then we look at their roofing options and determine what product will best meet those Criteria.

As we go through the product options, we invariably end up at one or two products that seem to filter to the top as their best choices – those roofs that meet their Criteria. This allows us to zero in on what will work best for them, their home, and their budget.

So very often, their product choices land on an aluminum shingle product such as Rustic Shingle or Oxford Shingle. Here are the ways in which these products match most homeowners’ Essential Criteria:

  • Life expectancy. Aluminum roofing will never rust and therefore offers a great long-term solution to residential roofing.
  • Maintenance requirements. Due to the resiliency and stability of metal, aluminum roofs do not undergo a cycle of rapid degradation the way that other roofing materials do. This means their maintenance is typically zero.
  • Energy efficiency. Aluminum shingles have an integral airspace between the metal and the roof deck. This airspace acts as a thermal break to dramatically reduce heat gain into the home during hot summer months. It behaves much like the small airspace between the panes of glass in a thermal pane window.
  • Cost. While aluminum roofing has a higher upfront cost than some roofing materials (though not as high as products like slate, copper, or wood shake), it actually ends up with the lowest “per year” cost over the long term.
  • Low weight. Aluminum is the lowest weight material for pitched roofs. This low weight can help to prolong an aging structure’s life by placing much less load on rafters and other parts of the home structure.
  • Wind resistance. Quality metal shingles interlock on all sides for wind resistance. They also have concealed fasteners. These make them a great choice for homes in areas prone to high winds.
  • Fire safety. Aluminum roofs on non-combustible, providing great protection from outside airborne burning brands or sparks. On the other hand, aluminum has a lower melting point than steel, making it less likely to contain a fire inside of your home.
  • Hail resistance. Products like Rustic Shingle are used extensively in hail-prone areas of Texas, Oklahoma, and other states. They carry a Class IV Impact Resistance rating, the highest class.
  • Beauty. On most homes, about 60% of their visible exterior is roof. It makes sense to think of the roof as a design focal point that can dramatically change and upgrade your home’s appearance.
  • Added home value. Temporary roofing materials only restore home value and that value is lost as those products age, streak, and deteriorate. Aluminum roofs provided added home value that is retained over the roof’s long service life.
  • Environmental impact. The sustainability and energy efficiency of aluminum roofing are tremendous green benefits. However, aluminum roofing is also made from metal that is 95% or more recycled content – what a great way to close the recycling loop with a major home purchase!

Are you thinking about a new roof? Establish Your Criteria! Products like Oxford Shingle and Rustic Shingle fit the bill for thousands of homeowners and they might for you as well.  Determine what you most want to accomplish and then find a trusted roofing professional to help you accomplish those things.  Feel free, too, to contact me through

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