New Hampshire, A Metal Roofing Mecca

People in New Hampshire prefer metal roofs, including this standing seam metal roof on a ranch home

If you live here, you already know that metal roofs are everywhere. If you don’t live in New Hampshire and come up to visit, you probably will make the comment, “Wow! Everywhere I look, I see metal roofs.”

So, what’s with all the metal roofs in New Hampshire anyway? Well, from our perspective, there are a lot of smart people here in “The Granite State.” Here, in NH, we have long snowy winters, which contribute to the need for a metal roof, which is why so many homeowners have or want one.

There seems to be an endless choice of roofers that can install them, as well. In fact, if you ask just about any roofing company in NH if they install metal roofs, most of them would say, “sure, no problem.”

Research Metal Roofing

The biggest challenge for most homeowners here is trying to figure out what product of metal roofing is right for their home. The second challenge is to make sure the company installing the roof actually knows what they are doing. Many of the roofing companies use sub-contract help which can be real trouble for the homeowner. You never know who is going to show up to install the roof of your dreams; you can only hope it won’t be a nightmare.

The most popular roof is what is known as standing seam, or some variation of it. Unfortunately, most of the roofs sold in NH are not standing seam but a much lesser quality typically used on out buildings. Homeowners are not to blame.

How do you know what you don’t know? The answer is research.

Protect your investment in your home with a quality metal roof installed by a company that just does metal roofing. A specialist. Not a company that does windows, doors, and siding, and not a company that does all types of roofing. One that installs just lifetime metal roofing, because that is really what you’re looking for, isn’t it?

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