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New Hampshire, A Metal Roofing Mecca

People in New Hampshire prefer metal roofs, including this standing seam metal roof on a ranch home

If you live here, you already know that metal roofs are everywhere. If you don’t live in New Hampshire and come up to visit, you probably will make the comment, “Wow! Everywhere I look, I see metal roofs.” So, what’s with all the metal roofs in New Hampshire anyway? Well, from our perspective, there are… ( read more )

Who Would Buy A Metal Roof?

Black metal roof shingles on a white house in CT MA NH RI

Having spent my entire career in residential metal roofing, I often get asked about the homeowners who chose metal roofs for their homes. Whether they chose a vertical seam roof or perhaps a shake, shingle, or slate look metal roof, and whether that roof was aluminum, steel, or copper, I am often asked what drove… ( read more )

The Home Improvement That Will Reward Me With The Best Return On My Investment

Three homes with metal roofs

The results are in. There is a consensus on the subject. Sites around the web agree that one of the best home improvements that you can make on your home is a new roof! We have compiled a list of sites to make your research a little easier. See why Lifetime metal roofing is the… ( read more )