Benefits of a New England Metal Roof

A roofing contractor in MA used black metal roof shingles on a grey house

Metal roofing companies often share the benefits of their products. However, depending on where you are in the country, the benefits vary slightly. As a homeowner in New England, a metal roof will have some of the same and some different benefits that a homeowner in Florida has. Here are some of our favorites that apply to a New England metal roof. 

New England Metal Roof Longevity

Everyone knows that a metal roof lasts longer than an asphalt shingle roof. However, few people realize just how much longer. Depending on the shingles, installation, and maintenance, you may need four to five (or more) asphalt roofs in the same time you’d need just one metal roof. Snow and ice age asphalt roofing quickly. Metal roofing companies who sell and install aluminum, zinc, or copper will tell you that you could need seven asphalt roofs for one zinc or copper roof.

Snow Build-Up is Rarely an Issue

Metal roofing can withstand greater snowfall than asphalt roofing. If you’ve ever seen a home’s roof collapse under the weight of snow, it’s often an asphalt roof. Shingles are heavy – at least 5 times as heavy as a metal roof. And if you have a low slope roof, that snow build-up can lead to a roof collapse quickly. A metal flat roof doesn’t have the same concern. A steep slope metal roof doesn’t have the accumulation because the metal roof is slippery by nature, so the snow doesn’t build up as much.

Fewer Issues with a New England Metal Roof

Although there’s no such thing as a roof you can install and forget about for its entire life, a New England metal roof requires significantly less maintenance than other roofing materials. Unlike shingles, metal roofing doesn’t grow moss or algae, ice dams don’t lead to roof damage and wind and hail rarely damage them. Plus, metal roofing is less prone to fire damage which isn’t something we want to think about, but does happen.

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