Why You Don’t Want a Metal Roof on Your Home?

(The cons)

by a ghost writer

Why would anyone want a metal roof on their home anyway? If you start looking around, you’re bound to see more and more of these roofs getting installed on homes, even in your own neighborhood.

Is there a good reason why metal roofs are the fastest growing segment of the residential roofing market? Well, there must be. In fact, here are the reasons why you wouldn’t want a metal roof on your home.

They could last 100 years or more if you choose an aluminum roof for your home. You might get tired of seeing the same roof on your house for the next 100 + years.

That could be boring. Would rather change my roof every 15-17 years. (That’s the average life of an asphalt roof.) That way, I can have a new color if I want that too. Not to mention the environmental impact on the landfills. Oh, I forgot about that.

Metal roofs, especially aluminum metal roofs, keep a home much, much cooler in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter.

Who wants to save money on energy bills? I love to hear that air conditioner cranking all night long in the summer, and the sound of my furnace roaring puts me to sleep at night in the winter. I’ll stick with my asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs eliminate the possibility of water infiltration due to ice dams when properly installed.

Nothing makes me happier than to file an insurance claim on my homeowner’s policy. I love paperwork and the challenge of getting a fair settlement on my claim. The insurance companies just love writing checks. Plus, it’s a great time dealing with all the contractors. They come in to remove wallboard, flooring, and even the plastered ceiling. You might even get to meet a specialist to rid the house of mold and the paint fumes; I love that smell. My wife doesn’t mind if we have to pack up and go to her mother’s house or a hotel for a week or two.  Fun times! Thank you GAF (One of the biggest asphalt shingle manufacturers).

Curb appeal is a terrific thing, especially when you decide to sell the home. Metal aluminum roofing offers 3 basic styles, a slate, a shake, and a standing seam. They are coated in a special formula called Kynar that has a 30-year fade warranty and will look pretty much like new for the life of the roof. Oh, and these aluminum roofs don’t support organic growth like moss and green algae.

But I don’t want my roof to look different and new. I enjoy the look of organic growth, moss, and black streaks on my roof. It makes me feel close to nature.

Did you know that aluminum metal roofs close the recycling loop? That’s right. They are made from just about 95% recycled aluminum, straight from your curbside pick-up and aluminum beverage container redemption centers.

No thank you. I don’t give a rat’s ass about recycling. It’s a big bother. To hell with the planet. This place is doomed anyway. Why should I care? No one else does.

Billions of pounds of asphalt shingles go into landfills each year. We are running out of space.

If you still think an aluminum metal roof is something to consider, I think you’re crazy! But if you would like to learn more, click on the button below.

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