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Here at Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have served for over 15 years as the top provider of high quality metal roofs in Goshen, CT and the greater New England area. We design, install, and maintain premium metal roofing to our local communities, while keeping in mind the principles of sustainability and durability. Our roofing systems provide our customers with many benefits, but the reduction in energy and repair costs alone make our roofing systems a wise investment. Consider that our company has been building and maintaining roofs for over three generations, and operating our New England branch for over 15 years — we would love to include you in our growing list of happy homeowners who have made the investment in one of our roofing systems.

Top Quality to Last A Lifetime

Our metal shingle roofs and standing seam metal roofs are constructed using the strongest heavy-gauge aluminum, providing superior protection from the weather, preventing all sorts of commonly experienced roofing-related damages including leaking, ice dams, and problems due to water absorption that often take a toll on basic asphalt shingles. Our aluminum roofs also require zero maintenance and are protected with unique baked-on, fade-resistant color finishes that are guaranteed not to chip, scratch, peel or otherwise degrade in harsh weather conditions; these beautiful pigmented finishes also reflect the infrared portion of the sun’s rays, further increasing the efficiency of your home’s climate control and, in addition to our aluminum’s natural temperature-regulating capabilities, significantly cutting energy costs.

In addition to our excellent aluminum products, we offer copper and zinc roofs which are both visually appealing and even more resilient than some aluminum roofs, while adding a beautiful flair to the architecture of your home. At Classic Metal Roofs, we only provide what we know to be the best products made from the best materials available, which is why we do not offer or recommend galvalume for residential roofing as it is more susceptible to damage via electrolysis and corrosion.

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Give us a call at (866) 660-6668 or use our Free Consultation form if you are ready to learn more about our products, get a free estimate and take the first steps to your new roof today!

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