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The Best Metal Roofing Solution for Granby CT Homeowners

A metal roof installed by Classic Metal Roofs is certainly not your grandfather’s tin roof. Today’s metal roofing offers a long list of remarkable benefits that make it a superior choice over other materials. Some of the advantages you get by choosing a quality metal roof for your Granby, CT home include the following: a long lifespan, enhancing aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency.

A Long Lifespan

In the Granby, CT area, it is common for an asphalt roof to need to be replaced every 10-15 years, and sometimes sooner if it’s a low-pitched roof. When subjected to hazardous weather conditions, the shingles on a typical asphalt roof will usually lift and tear off. As the shingle mat dries out, granules slowly wear away and wash into the gutter system. This leaves the shingles more exposed to water leakage, which then leads to mold, ruined insulation, and structural issues inside your home. However, a metal roof offers a long lifespan of 50 years or more.

That means a new metal roof installation will last you at least three to four times longer than an asphalt shingle roof installed on the same day!

Energy Savings

Metal roofing is highly energy-efficient. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance, metal can save you up to 40% on air conditioning costs in summer. The secret behind this lies in the special ENERGY STAR®-compliant finish applied to the metal that reflects solar energy while also cooling your home by re-emitting the solar radiation that is absorbed.

Aesthetic Appeal

You will be surprised at how metal can boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. Our roofs are offered in a broad collection of colors and styles and will augment your home’s visual charm. We offer aluminum metal shingle roofs, aluminum standing seam metal roofs, and aluminum shake metal roofs. We also offer custom fabricated zinc, copper, and aluminum metal roofs. We have the perfect metal roof for you!

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