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An American Revolution In Roofing Technology

For far too long, habit and resistance to positive change has kept asphalt shingles the most commonplace material for roofing. Asphalt has many faults when your goal is a long-lasting and protective roof for your family, fomenting moss growth as well as supporting insect infestation, and become deteriorated with age, and weather-damaged by severe New England winters and high winds. On the other hand, our roofing systems can last for generations and are by nature resistant to all the problems of asphalt, with no maintenance required. Even inferior metal roofing materials such as galvalume do not have the enduring performance and efficiency you can achieve for your Lebanon home with our aluminum, copper and zinc shingle roofs or standing seam metal roofs.

Go Green in Lebanon, CT.

Asphalt shingles are also one of the primary culprits for yearly building waste dumped in landfills, needing constant repair and replacement. In contrast, all of our metal products are made from 95% recycled material, and can all eventually be recycled again. Our roofing systems also help regulate the internal temperature of your home throughout the year, leading to a reduction in your dependence on energy resources and a lower carbon footprint. Rather than wasting your energy constantly maintaining asphalt shingles, consider choosing our resilient copper material option, which will lend your home or building a striking sheen and extra protection, and over time will develop its own protective layer of unique green patina.

Our Guarantee

Classic Metal Roofs is your go-to New England source for metal roofing in Lebanon, CT. With over 15 years of expertise in the climate of Connecticut, and surrounding areas, we have what it takes to make your retrofit or new construction as hassle-free as possible, with benefits you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime. This is why we guarantee every residential installation under our limited lifetime warranty. Call us at (866) 660-6668 or fill out our Free Consultation form on our website to get a free quote today!

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