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Metal Roof Makeovers in Preston, CT

Classic Metal Roofs, LLC has been the premier provider of aluminum, copper and zinc metal roofs in the New England area for over 15 years. Our standing seam and metal shingle style roofs are changing the dynamic in Preston Connecticut neighborhoods, one home at a time. Why are Classic Metal Roofs becoming so popular with homeowners?

  1. Metal roofs have much higher natural durability and longevity than asphalt shingles. With our skilled installation services and excellent materials, you will no longer have to stress about harsh weather conditions – your roof will seal out water, endure high winds without damage, and easily shed snow and ice. Our materials are also resistant to fire, insect infestation and rot. In fact, aluminum roofs can last up to 100 years, in contrast to asphalt roofs which need constant repair and often must be replaced after a decade.
  2. Metal roofs are more lightweight than asphalt shingles. Our durable, heavy-gauge aluminum weighs only a fraction of conventional asphalt roofs, relieving stress on your home’s structure, particularly in snow and ice.
  3. Our metal roofs can usually be installed directly over your old asphalt roof, eliminating the need for the headache and expense of removal and disposal.
  4. Our roofing systems are carefully designed to achieve the best performance in heat conduction, reflecting more solar energy during the day, so your power bill goes down and your roof eventually pays for itself!
  5. Unlike inferior metal roofing materials such as steel and galvalume, with our materials there is no risk of eventual corrosion or electrolysis damages.

Our Guarantee

Classic Metal Roofs is undoubtedly the best choice in New England for metal roofing. With over 15 years of expertise in the unique conditions of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and surrounding areas, we have what it takes to make your remodel or new construction the best experience possible, with benefits you and your family will enjoy for a lifetime. This is why we guarantee every residential installation under our limited lifetime warranty. Get in touch today for a free estimate and to begin your customized roofing plan.

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