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At Classic Metal Roofs, LLC, we have become known as the best source for metal roofs built especially for New England weather, over the past three generations of successful company operation. Our aluminum, copper and zinc roofing solutions have been setting new highs in the visual appeal and functionality of homes within and surrounding Waterbury, CT neighborhoods for over 15 years. Choosing to make the change to aluminum has numerous benefits, not the least of which are the durability, energy efficiency, and sleek modern look of the product.

Building Better Lives

When you compare commonplace asphalt roofs or damage-prone metals like galvalume to our metal shingle roofs and standing seam metal roofs, it becomes clear that our aluminum, copper and zinc materials are vastly more appropriate for your finances and for long term sustainability. Our products are ENERGY STAR certified and significantly increase the LEED of any building they are installed over, a clear-cut measure of waste and energy usage reduction . Our roofs can help you cut your annual energy costs by up to 40% due to qualities of insulation and thermal conductivity. Our carefully selected materials are also examples of the positive power of recycling; composed of 95% recycled metals and recyclable again when no longer in use, we are proud of our lessened use of natural resources and repurposing of unused materials. Our roofing systems are also designed to be installed right over your old asphalt roof with no need for removal and landfill disposal, meaning that we contribute to a reduction in the main source of yearly building-related landfill waste. You can take pride in joining us in our mission to reduce carbon footprints and work toward greener neighborhoods.

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