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For over 15 years now, we have been refitting New England homes with the finest metal roofs available. With a company-wide track record going back three generations, you can trust that we have the staff and the know-how to get your metal roof installation on the road to success. Not only do we design and install our quality roofing systems, we have repair technicians on call just in case. Join the growing list of our satisfied Massachusetts customers today!

Aluminum Roofing is the Gold Standard

Discriminating homeowners in and around the Chestnut Hill, MA area have been making the switch from conventional roofing materials to metals such as our aluminum, copper, and zinc roofs. The facts speak for themselves:

  • Metal roofs last longer than conventional roofs. With our expert installation services and high quality materials, there is no need for worry as you can be sure your roof will seal out water, sustain high winds, and easily shed snow and ice. Our materials are also resistant to fire, insect infestation, rot, and organic growth. In fact, aluminum roofs can last up to 100 years, as compared to asphalt roofs which need constant maintenance and full replacement typically within 15 years.
  • Metal roofs are more lightweight than asphalt shingles. Our durable, heavy-gauge aluminum weighs only a fraction of conventional asphalt roofs, relieving stress to your home’s structure, especially in snowy and icy conditions.
  • Our metal roofs can be installed directly over your old asphalt roof, eliminating the need for costly removal and disposal.
  • Our roofing systems are designed to achieve the highest performance in heat conduction, reflecting more heat during the day so you can keep your energy costs low.
  • Unlike inferior metal roofing materials such as steel and galvalume, with our materials there is no fear of corrosion or electrolysis damages.

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To find out how you can get an estimate and get started living life to the fullest with a new metal roof, feel free to give us a call at (866) 660-6668 or contact us using our Free Consultation form. We can’t wait to get started building your lifetime roof.

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