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Benefits of a New Metal Roof in Duxbury

Choosing to have a new metal roof installed on your Duxbury, MA home offers you a number of benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to an ENERGY STAR®-compliant, LEED-approved finish that covers all of our roofs, choosing a new metal roof from Classic Metal Roofs is sure to boost your homes energy efficiency. This finish reflects solar energy and re-emitted it, keeping your home cooler; leading to 40% lower air-conditioning costs during warm months. Metal roofing also offers great insulation, keeping your home warm during colder months!

Wide Range of Solutions

Classic Metal Roofs offers a variety of styles and colors for your new metal roof. Regardless of the style of your home we are confident we can help you find the right solution to improve your homes curb appeal and value!

  • Aluminum metal shingle roofs
  • Aluminum standing seam metal roofs
  • Aluminum shake metal roofs
  • Custom fabricated zinc, copper, and aluminum metal roofs

Long Lifespan

Coastal weather can often offers harsh conditions for your Duxbury, MA home. It is common for an asphalt shingle roof to have a lifespan of 10-15 years, sometimes shorter if the roof is low-pitched. Thanks to the strength and durability of metal as a roofing choice, a new metal roof boasts a lifespan of 50 years or more! Your new metal roof is likely to last 3 to 4 times longer than an asphalt roof installed on the same day!

Learn More About Metal Roofs

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