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The Right Metal Roof for Your Fairhaven Home

Don’t be scared by visions of metal roofing of the past, Classic Metal Roofs is not installing the tin roofs your grandparents barn had! Today’s metal roofs offer modern beauty that is sure to improve your homes curb appeal. Their durability and strength will also protect your home!

Aluminum Shake or Shingle

Offering the same traditional style paired with the strength and durability of metal, aluminum shake and shingle metal roofing is the best of both worlds. Classic Metal Roofs offers both slate and shake style aluminum metal roofing in most of the same colors as traditional roofing shingles. Thanks to the lightweight nature of this roofing it is easy to install and replace. In addition, aluminum shake and shingle metal roofs are significantly more environmentally friendly when compared to asphalt shingles!

Aluminum Standing Seam Metal Roof

Aluminum standing seam metal roofing consists of continuous runs from the ridge of the roof to the eaves, held together by discretely concealed fasteners, this type of roofing is completely watertight. A standing seam metal roof offers a modern, clean, streamlined look for you home that is strong, durable, and low maintenance.

Copper or Zinc Metal Roofing

Choosing a material such as copper or zinc for your metal roof offers you a unique look for your Fairhaven, MA home. Copper and zinc are high-end metal choices that add unique design flair to any home. Over time the cooper and zinc metal roof develop an eye-catching patina that gives your home an eye-catching look that actually changes over time! Both metals offer a lifespan of well over a century, potentially longer for cooper, and are 100% recyclable. Classic Metal Roofs offers custom designed and fabricated copper and zinc metal roofs.

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