Holden, MA

Metal Roofing Benefits for Holden, MA

Metal roofing is the most durable and sustainable roofing material on the market. Fabricated of recycled materials and virtually 100% recyclable itself at the end of its lifespan, having a new metal roof installed comes without the guilt of a large environmental footprint. The durability of metal roofing provides the longevity and low maintenance of its lifespan. Thankfully, the numerous benefits of a new metal roof come without sacrifice of style. Classic Metal Roofs offers four standard prototypes of metal roofing.

Types of Metal Roofing We Offer

  • Aluminum standing seam metal roof. Held together by concealed fasteners, aluminum standing seam metal roofing features raised or “standing” seams that separate vertical panels. This roofing style offers a clean, modern, look and is essentially watertight.
  • Aluminum metal shake roof. Featuring a rustic style, aluminum metal shake roofing is reminiscent of a hand-split wooden shake roof. However, since they are split from durable aluminum, these shakes will not warp or rot as is typical of traditional wooden shakes.
  • Aluminum shingle metal roof. Offering a traditional style paired with the strength of metal, this roofing style may just be the best of both worlds. Aluminum metal shingle roofing is offered in many of the same colors as traditional shingles!
  • Copper and zinc metal roofing. If you are roofing for a more distinct style for your Holden, MA home, a custom fabricated copper or zinc metal roof could be for you! These extremely long lasting metals develop a unique patina over time to add an eye-catching edge to your home’s design.

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